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I think i'm gonna go back to university to do a Masters in Film and Cultural Studies, part-time cos its only 1 or 2 nights a week normal university term times. I'll have to talk to James first cos it costs £560 a year, but i could get a small loan from the bank (my new postgrad account at the bank does me a great deal on loans!)

I'll also need to talk to the course leader, because you generally need a 2:1 or higher to get in, but 2:2s are also considered. I shouldnt worry about talking to her though, cos she likes me, cos i got a 2:1 in chinese cinema which is her module in 3rd year! My dissertation got a 2:1 and some of the modules that are taught on the course relate so much to my dissertation that i think i could do really well... Hmmm... its something to think about, but it could do so much for me, i could teach in universities or i could go on to do an MPhil or a PhD (lol can you imagine me as a Dr!!!)
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