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Now I have finished uni, and I am becoming all grown up and responsible, I felt it was time to sort out my debts.
I am £600 overdrawn in my account, with a £600 debt on a credit card. My overdraft is £1500 and it is interest free for another year. I have £157 in my ISA and £137 debt on my Argos card. I also have 318 pound coins in a tub in my room waiting to go to the bank.

My plan is: Pay off my credit card with my overdraft, so even though I will be £1200 overdrawn, it will be interest free as opposed to paying 19.5% interest on the credit card (bad rate isnt it!!) The only direct debits I will have on my current account now will be £8 per month to Dogs Trust, and there is no way i'll get rid of that!

Pay off the argos card with what is in my ISA, get rid of that card.

Put the 318 pound coins into my ISA, and once I get a job, work at paying off my overdraft!!! It'll take me until my 2 months wages before I will finally be back in the black and only have a £10,000 student loan debt to my name!

I feel better now :)
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