Moohcow (moohcow) wrote,

Had a good day yesterday. The aerial man came and put an aerial on our roof so we can now get Freeview, then set up the freeview and the TopUpTv. Then I went into Sunderland with Mum and Aunty Maureen (not my real aunty, my mum's best friend!) I saw the most gorgeous weekender bag in Debenhams! It's actually a free gift with a 50ml bottle of J-Lo 'Glow' I MUST have it! I can picture myself walking into the Hilton at Garforth next month with that over my shoulder and pulling my pink mini suitcase! So stylish! Plus it's only £30!
Image hosted by
(this pic was taken from eBay, as someone is selling one without the perfume! And the buckle is much more sparkly!

Off to the jobcentre in a few minutes to sign on (I can't believe I would ever be claiming Jobseekers Allowance!) And then off into town again... I WILL come home with that bag!

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